Feeling Blue About Bleu — Cheese, That Is

January 30, 2009


This will be one of my shortest posts ever, and hopefully, this idiocy will soon end.  The Bush administration imposed a 300% duty on Roquefort cheese, the real Roquefort from France, making it essentially unaffordable.  They did this because of French resistance to import US beef laced with hormones.  Oh, and they imposed other ridiculous, but lower, duties on French truffles, Irish oatmeal, Italian sparkling water and foie gras.

Frankly, this is just a silly, childish bully tactic.  Over food.  Yup, nothing like childlike politics.  Hopefully the Obama administration will fix this craziness.

Disposals in Raleigh Go Down the Drain

March 5, 2008

sink.jpgThe Raleigh City Council unanimously voted yesterday to ban the installation of new or replacement garbage disposals that would be connected to the city’s sewer system.


I love my disposals and actually have two sinks with them. I’ve frequently thought about composting, but not being a gardener, I’ve never headed down that path. But now I need to re-think my approach. Especially if either of them die (although they both have lifetime guarantees, but I could only repair, not replace, them under the new ordinance).

I wonder if there will be a black market for disposals, and if you can slip your plumber a little extra money to install one for you on the sly.


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